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Writing by the Water

Mark Stewart


As a writer, I like to use words to bring my imagination to life.
I like to create stories and scenes that will take the reader to somewhere new and unexpected.
We are only limited by the boundaries that we place on ourselves. Open your mind and be receptive to new and exciting ideas.
To get a better sense of my work, please feel free to explore my official Website or get in touch with me.

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The First Project

November 2021

This is the first Children's Novel that I have written.

The idea for 'Within These Walls' came to me during an Electrical Storm in Brisbane, Australia. I was living in an old house which was frequented by Cockroaches. The idea of being able to interact and communicate with them festered inside my mind.

To assist with the process of writing I completed study towards a Diploma in Professional Children's Writing through the Australian College of Journalism. This course enabled me to learn some of the necessary skills to be able to develop as a writer.

I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I have.

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November, 2021

Benjamin wakes to a severe thunderstorm wreaking havoc across the area. The street resembles a war zone from the path of destruction left in its wake.
A bolt of lightning snakes its way across the sky slamming into the powerlines of his house.
A radiant beam of light emerges from the electrical socket, creating an energised vortex and engulfing Benjamin.
The energy transforms him as he is shrunk and drawn inside the walls of his house.
Giant creatures lurk in the shadows. Are they friend or foe?
What challenges await inside the walls?
Can Benjamin survive the ordeals that he will be confronted with?
Will he ever get back to his normal size?
Is Benjamin destined to be trapped Within These Walls forever?


Thanks for visiting my Web page. If you would like to know more, please get in touch to find out about my current and upcoming projects.

Queensland, Australia

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"Life is a journey with many obstacles, but only you can choose the path you wish to travel"

Mark Stewart

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