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What's Next

The Sequel

Notebook and Pen

Red Mist Descending

I am currently working on the sequel to my first children's novel. This is set approximately 3 months after 'Within These Walls'. 

Benjamin is feeling bored and his life is feeling empty. He misses the adventure and the excitement that he had previously experienced.

Trouble is looming with the invasion of a Red Fire Ant Army inside the walls of their house.

The Cockroaches desperately need his help.

Does Benjamin still have the ability to transform into his miniature self? 

If he does transition again, will this have a long lasting effect on his body?

Will he be able to transform back to his normal size afterwards, or will he be destined to remain a miniature forever?


A New Project

There will be more to follow on this soon.

What's Next: Work
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